Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fabulous & Models Own + a Models Own Mascara up for grabs!

Hi bloggers!

As most of you are aware, the News of the World's Sunday mag, Fabulous, collaborated with Models Own and are giving away a mini makeup kit with 2 tokens. I managed to get my hands on one today, and thought i'd show you a few snaps!

This is the little kit you get:

Gold Rush eyeshadow Duo

This is the shadow swatched quite heavily - I would definately recommend using a primer as this came off my fingers very easily with very little effort. I love the colours though!

The applicator has a stiff end rather than a soft brush. It has a wet look, and seems pretty indesructable! Ive rubbed it with a wet and dry finger, and its not budged so far!

Handy eyelash curlers and pink tweezers!
I think the tweezers are FAB! Im quite picky with tweezers, but these are easy to use and grab every eyebrow hair with ease - thumbs up!

And finally, the mascara.

Unfortunately, this mascara has fibres in it, which do not tend to agree with my contact lenses, which brings me on to the title of this post!

If anyone would like this mascara, then please pop a comment below, as I would hate to see it wasted in the bottom of my makeup bag!! I will happily pop it in the post to a new home! It hasnt been used, just opened for the photos.

Has anyone else got their mitts on this kit? I think its fab value for just £2! (the cost of the 2 papers!)

Daisy xxx


  1. Me me me! Please please pleasee! :D Can I have the mascara please??
    Thanks you..(:
    Unfortunately wasn't aware about this offer, which sucks! I love freebies, well most of them, got this Barry M powder and gave me rashes and stuff :( but Marie Claire's giveaways are amazing!! xxx

  2. Of course you can have it! Send me an email with your adress and i'll pop it your way! :) x

  3. I got this today but I have not tried it as yet xx

  4. I got this today and was really excited although I was let down by the liquid eyeliner and as I felt that the applicator was really stiff so it makes it really difficult to apply.

  5. Tried to get mine on Monday, but both Tescos in Leicester had no stock left!!! The second token was only out on Sunday! What's going on!! Not fair.


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