Monday, 3 January 2011

* Random things tag *

Helloooo bloggers!

I was tagged by the lovely Gem at Flutter & Sparkle to do the Random Things tag!

Rules: come up with 15 random facts about yourself and share them with the blog world!

After doing this post tag 5 other bloggers to do it too!

* Facts *
1 - Ive been with my man for 8 and a half years, since we were 16!
2 - I often wish i'd chosen a career with animals, as im a complete animal lover. It never crossed my mind that there were careers with animals other than being a vet when I decided to go to uni!

3 - I love everything purple! In our new house the bedroom will be purple and weve just bought a set of purple towels for the bathroom! I also want a purple themed wedding :p

4 - I own far too many scarves, and wear them ALL the time in the winter.

5 - In the summer, I swap from scarves to flip flops - I own far too many flip flops too!

6 - I love ducks, and really want one of my own!

7 - Ive got an adopted Tapir in London zoo!

8 - Im a complete book worm, and own every single one of Marian Keyes' books. Im currently completing my Jill Mansell and Sophie Kinsella collections.

9 - I love beaches. Theyre my favouritest places in the entire world!

10 - I could quite ahppily eat lasagne for the rest of my life!

11 - I hate roast dinners, and would rather have a sandwich instead, although the mother in laws are just about the only roasts i'll eat!

12 - I love my cats lots and lots. Im a complete cat person!

13 - I looove the snow so much! Everyone I know hates it!

14 - No matter how old I am, I will carve a pumpkin every Halloween, and make a snowman every time it snows!

15 - I want to learn to sew in time for next Christmas!

I tag:

Leanne Marie
Christina Marie

Thanks for reading :)

Daisy xx


  1. Thanks for the tag, will do this asap :) x

  2. Thats brill! I love cats also I have 2 :)
    I enjoy sewing and have my mums old sewing machine, my gran taught me how to use it. I adore Cath Kidston and can't wait to make some bunting for my baby girls room.
    I LOVE roast dinners! OMG they are amazing ha ha!
    I agree with the pumpkins! They are ace :) x

  3. I did this tag the other day and I love reading everyone elses :)
    I also love everything purple and try to put it everywhere in the house as much as the boy protests, Sophie Kinsilla is one of my fave authors to read and I love the snow so much I actually got really sad I couldnt go and play in it last time as I was on crutches :( xxx

  4. Hey 8 and a half year relationship twin!

    I've tagged you for the versatile blogger award as your blog is a new one I like and have started following xx

  5. I also think that about my career...i'd love to do something with animals!

    I hate to tag you on another tag but i've just tagged you for the Versatile Blog Award. =)

    Much love, Stephanie xx

  6. Re 3 - I also love Purple, it's my favouritest! I wish i could decorate with lots of purple but i don't want to have to repaint again in March when i move out! xo


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