Monday, 17 January 2011

NOTW - OPI Elephantastic Pink!

Evening ladies!

Just a quick post to show you my chosen nail colour for the weekend just gone!

Every Friday evening after work, I paint my nails without fail! The Boy even commented the other week - "You know its the weekend when you paint your nails!" and if I dont have any on for one reason for another, he asks if im feeling ok! What impression do I give?!

Anyhoo, after the rain and drearyness of last week, I decided to go with a bright nail - OPI's Elephantastic Pink!

Its an almost 'flamingo' pink, with a hint of coral in.

 I also added a little nail art flower to my nail to jazz it up a bit!
In real life the picture with the most accurate colour is the top one :)

Since Zoe asked how I did the flower, I thought i'd add a pic of the set I used - Its a nail art sticker & gems set from Superdrug (I think it was about £2.99)

So far, I have to say my favourite nail polishes are OPI and Nails Inc, even though they tend to be more moola than your regular drug store polishes. I love the formula and the quick drying tendancy they have. I may have bought another OPI polish this weekend, so that may feature on next weeks NOTW hehe!

Do you love OPI too? Would you wear this shade?

Daisy xx


  1. That's a gorgeous pink. How did you do the little flower? It looks really good.
    Zoe x

  2. Thanks girls!

    @Zoe - The flower is from a nail art sticker set! Its in this post here: Its from a set from Superdrug! x

  3. Aaaawww so pretty, can't fail with a bright pink :)

    I love OPI in general but i hate the one i'm wearing now - it looks gorgeous but i only put it only last night and it's already chipped like nobody's business! What's that about?!

    Jo, xoxo

  4. Your blog is super cute, and I'm going to follow. I love this shade! One of the low price stores in America sells OPI for a slightly lower price.

    xo, Jay

  5. Looks lovely :).

    Sadie x


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