Thursday, 20 January 2011

* Lipice Lipcare *

Aloha Bloggers!

I was very kindly sent some Lipice products to test out, review & giveaway! Being winter, my lips can tend to dry out and even crack at the sides if I am not careful, and I need to ensure I keep them moisturized at all times!

Lipice advertise their products as being created using natures finest ingredients to keep your lips soft, healthy and moist.

They come in the following varieties:
Lipice Original
Suncare SPF 25
Strawberry Touch
Original for men
Q10 Anti Wrinkle
Pink Sheen Gloss

They are advertised with these properties and ingredients:

  • Lysine Amino Acid for skin repair and regeneration
  • Soothing Aloe Vera, a natural plant extract
  • Grapeseed for natural moisturisation and vitality
  • Natural Cocoa Shea butter, Jojoba and Castor Oil to enrich & moisten lips
  • Vitamin B5 & E to vitalise lips
  • SPF15 UV filters
  • Approved for use by the Vegetarian Society

    I tested the above lipbalms out for a few days, I can say that they are very moisturising and made my lips feel soft and nourished. My personal favourite was the Strawberry stick, due to the lovely smell! The Original has a lovely Cocoa Butter scent (yum!) and the suncare is lemony fresh. This has the added bonus of SPF 25 - so is ideal for holidays and sunny days! The others do have SPF 15 in, which is an added bonus in my opinion.

    The gloss is shimmery and lasted a long while, even after 2 cups of tea!

     They are due to be stocked in a number of stores such as Tesco, Costcutter, Poundland, and Body World so they should be pretty widely available! The original and strawberry sticks retail at £1.29, For Men, Pink Gloss and Suncare at £1.69, and the anti-wrinkle at £1.99.

    Lipice were Kind enough to offer me extra's to giveaway to my readers, so please stay tuned over the next couple of days! I will throw in some extra's also to help beat the winter weather too :)

    Thanks for reading, Daisy xx


    1. great review I always have chapped lips!

    2. great review, would love to try these out! xx

    3. These look great...i suffer from flakey lips in the winter and these look like they do the job and are really affordable. =)

      Stephanie xx

    4. I've heard lots of positive things about those lipbalms, I totally need some! My lips are so dry, especially in the winter )=

    5. Can't wait for the video!
      Cheap lipbalms are the best in my opinion:)

    6. sorry, I was watching youtube whilst typing that, I meant giveaway!

    7. I've seen alot of reviews on these, all positive!
      Exited for the giveaway :)
      I wanna try that gloss!

    8. Great review, im intriged by the cocoa butter flavour!

    9. I've passed you the versatile blogger award, you can find the award and all details on my latest blog

    10. those glosses look great! xx

    11. Really loving your blog. I am following.

      Would love you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


    12. i love being warm inside and snowboarding
      and hate hate hate!! the dark!! it makes me actually depressed :(
      im following your blog, it's cute! :)
      thank you!!


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