Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Loving the Naked-ness!

Evening Ladies :)

Just a quick post today, as most of you have already read about 1000 posts about this already!!
I was lucky enough to eventually get hold of one the Urban Decay Naked Palettes in December from, after spotting a tweet saying they were back in stock! I had been stalking the Debenhams and Boots websites religiously by they never seemed to be in stock. I convinced the boy that this could be one of my Christmas presents, and this certainly did not disappoint!

A few pics...


It comes with a double ended eyeliner (In the shades Zero and Whiskey), and a mini Primer Potion:

If anyone would like swatches then please let me know!

Personally, this is the best £27 that I (the boy) has ever spent on makeup! Its lasting power is amazing, and bettered by the use of the primer potion. It stays put all day, the pigmentation is fab, and the colour choice allows such an array of looks for both day and night.

Is anyone else in love with the Naked pallette?

Daisy xxx


  1. Aaaah good times :) I drove about an hour out of my way to get mine(i had problems finding somewhere that had it in stock, too) which seems a bit loser-ish but i use it about 4 or 5 times a week so it was worth it!

    You'll wonder what you did without it in a few weeks, and probsbly think most of your other neutral shadows are naff!


  2. You lucky thing I have been searching high and low for this sadly with no joy :(


  3. I want it so badly :( It's usually in stock near me, but somehow I never bring myself to buy it and now that I really want it I'm on a make up ban :P

  4. Hey pretty! I gave you a blog award! Thanks for being so awesome!

  5. I have it and love it! Definately couldn't be without it now. I think it must be UD's best seller!
    Great blog - am now following.
    Zoe x
    Click here for my blog, Diamond Solitaire

  6. hey =) i've given you an award over at my blog xx


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