Tuesday, 18 January 2011

* Nails Inc & diet Coke Polishes *

Hi Ladies!

On the weekend I popped into a large Boots store in hope of getting hold of a couple of Nails Inc polishes as part of the Diet Coke promotion, and luckily, they had them in stock!

Denim & Heather Grey

I initially only wanted Heather Grey, as im a sucker for shades of purple, but Denim caught my eye too so I decided to grab that one too!
The Caramel & Plum werent really for me so I gave them a miss.

Heather Grey is a colour exactly as it says on the tin (bottle)! Its a muted purple with a hint of grey, perfect for a winter colour - I love it and cant wait to wear it out properly! It also dried quickly. The swatch is with 1 coat too!

 Denim is a blue shade with a hint of teal about it - I think this will work well with a white nail art sticker or with silver tips! (or vice versa)

I found it a teeny bit boring on its own, so tried it with a hint of silver glitter...

I think this looks fab! I will definately be wearing this combo on a weekend very soon!

Did you go for any colours? There were only a few of each left so im not sure if they are going to be hard to get hold of! Let me know your thoughts on these colours!

Daisy xxx


  1. Im dying to get my hands on Heather Grey. Seeing the swatch makes me want it more! I might venture to Boots tomorrow!
    Im a new follower :) Love all your make up finds!

  2. I haven't heard of this promotion, I may have to have a look in boots at the weekend. Both colours are gorgeous but I especially like the Heather Grey x


  3. These are great colours and nice swatches.
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  4. The Denim is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


    xo, Jay

  5. The blue definately looks better with the glitter on top. I love the heather grey, rather tempted to buy some coke (even though I don't like it) to get that colour!

  6. the colors are gorgeous <3


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